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Woodstone at Massanutten

McGaheysville, VA 22840 PHONE: 540-289-9441 Map it / View Street Address
3.8 out of 5
Average Review
84% of past guest
Would Stay Again

Reviews: Woodstone at Massanutten

malibumar Emerald Level member since
August 2017

Awesome vacation

Visited property: June 2018

What Liked Most About Woodstone at Massanutten

Beautiful property and tons of stuff to do.

Review of Woodstone at Massanutten by malibumar

This property is so huge and has so much to do on site that if you didn't want to leave the resort you would have plenty of activities there to keep you busy. There are also some must see local attractions and a big box retail shopping center close by.

malibumar WOULD STAY at Woodstone at Massanutten again.

malibumar owns a timeshare at another resort and EXCHANGED INTO a room at Woodstone at Massanutten.

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Woodstone at Massanutten:

The staff of the Woodstone at Massanutten are looking forward to welcoming you. But before you arrive, they have some tips that might help make your stay all that much more enjoyable.

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Woodstone at Massanutten is also known as:

  • Woodstone Meadows Golf Course
  • Massanutten Resort and Spa
  • Massanutten Resort Vacation Rental
  • Massanutten Resort
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