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Vacation Village at Parkway

Kissimmee, FL 34747 PHONE: (407) 396-9086 Map it / View Street Address
3.6 out of 5
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77% of past guest
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Reviews: Vacation Village at Parkway

Sherri Emerald Level member since
February 2018

The resort was lovely. Clean, comfortable and spacious

Visited property: January 2018

What Liked Most About Vacation Village at Parkway

The units were well equipped, clean, comfortable and spacious. Good proximity to all attractions.

Unit Number / Building

Building 4 on the second floor... I forget the #

Room Comments by Sherri

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Review of Vacation Village at Parkway by Sherri

We enjoyed our stay very much. The only negative we encountered was in the initial check in. We were offered an incentive to attend a sales event to upgrade our membership. As we are happy with our membership as it is, we declined. The agent got extremely rude with us and childishly ripped up the incentive in my husband's face. We were there to enjoy our stay, not attend a sales meeting.

Sherri WOULD STAY at Vacation Village at Parkway again.

Sherri was a RENTER at Vacation Village at Parkway.

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Resort Manager Response

Response from Vacation Village at Parkway - posted 2/8/2018

Sherri, thank you, thank you, and thank you. That is really all we can say. We love your positive comments on our resort. You got to enjoy all that Vacation Village at Parkway has to offer. We are sorry if one of the staff members at check in was rude. They are all educated on how to treat our guests and owners, and that is with respect and courtesy. Nevertheless, we hope to serve you again in the future.

- Guest Relations Manager

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Tips & Advice

Vacation Village at Parkway:

The staff of the Vacation Village at Parkway are looking forward to welcoming you. But before you arrive, they have some tips that might help make your stay all that much more enjoyable.

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Vacation Village at Parkway is also known as:

  • Vacation Village Parkway Kissimmee
  • Vacation Village Parkway Orlando
  • Vacation Village Orlando
  • Vacation Village Parkway
  • Vacation Village At Parkway Hotel
  • Vacation Village At Parkway Hotel
  • Vacation Village
  • Vacation Village Parkway Orlando
  • Vacation Village Parkway Kissimmee
  • Vacation Village Parkway Florida
  • Vacation Village At Parkway Hotel Kissimmee
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