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Vacation Village at Parkway

Kissimmee, FL 34747 PHONE: (407) 396-9086 Map it / View Street Address
3.7 out of 5
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76% of past guest
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Reviews: Vacation Village at Parkway

SatyajitTapati Emerald Level member since
November 2016

Very ordinary vacation place. Preview center experience was very unpleasant.

Visited property: November 2016

What Liked Most About Vacation Village at Parkway

Liked nothing.
Stayed here on RCI exchange.
Nothing special. I think there are far better place to spend holidays.
Vacation preview center person I had to interacted was very rude.
Never felt so bad. Waiting to get out of this place on Sunday.

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Room Comments by SatyajitTapati

Unit was OK. Like any other average vacation rental place I have stayed.

Review of Vacation Village at Parkway by SatyajitTapati

Spoiled my Thanksgiving holiday.
Never want to come back to this place.
Others with not so high expectation might like it.
Room service was fine.
Cleanliness and hygiene is well maintained.
Wanted to go to preview center to understand the time share or other options. Returned back with rude behavior immediately.
Very frustrated and speechless.
I don't know how organization can behave like this with their customer.
Looks like they have lot of business and don't care for more.

SatyajitTapati WOULD NOT STAY at Vacation Village at Parkway again.

SatyajitTapati owns a timeshare at another resort and EXCHANGED INTO a room at Vacation Village at Parkway.

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Resort Manager Response

Response from Vacation Village at Parkway - posted 11/28/2016

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback, SatyajitTapati. We read and respond to all reviews and we take your comments very seriously as it is an opportunity for us to improve. We are sorry that we did not meet all of your expectations while you were at the resort. There is definitely no excuse for rudeness and bad customer service. Your comments have been forwarded to our General Manager, so that the issue you’ve presented here will be properly addressed. We would like to wish you better vacation travel for the future.

- Guest Relations Manager

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Vacation Village at Parkway:

The staff of the Vacation Village at Parkway are looking forward to welcoming you. But before you arrive, they have some tips that might help make your stay all that much more enjoyable.

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Vacation Village at Parkway is also known as:

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  • Vacation Village Parkway Orlando
  • Vacation Village Orlando
  • Vacation Village Parkway
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  • Vacation Village
  • Vacation Village Parkway Orlando
  • Vacation Village Parkway Kissimmee
  • Vacation Village Parkway Florida
  • Vacation Village At Parkway Hotel Kissimmee
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