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Lighthouse Key Resort & Spa

Kissimmee, FL 34747-8203 PHONE: 1-321-329-7000 Map it / View Street Address
4.0 out of 5
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67% of past guest
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6 Past Guests
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Very pleasant and quiet

The staff was very friendly and helpful. My kids loved the theater and used it twice and we were the only family there. The front desk was great and very accommodating. [more]

Great vacation

My family and I just got back from our family vacation in Orlando , we stayed at the lighthouse key resort and spa in Kissimmee Florida ..... [more]

Room was nice

But there is not enough activities to do at this resort. The Pub/Bar is not open for drinks by the pool, there isn't enough for the kids to do. [more]

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Lighthouse Key Resort & Spa is also known as:

  • Lighthouse Key Resort and Hotel
  • Lighthouse Key Resort
  • Lighthouse Key Hotel Kissimmee
  • Lighthouse Key Hotel
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