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Hacienda del Mar Resort

Cabo San Lucas, MX 23410 PHONE: 01 624 145 8000 Map it / View Street Address
4.2 out of 5
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80% of past guest
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AUSTINITE Emerald Level member since
October 2016


Visited property: October 2016

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First unit got broke into. Next unit had a very loud AC issue such as a broken fan.

Review of Hacienda del Mar Resort by AUSTINITE

We just left there Sat Oct 15th 2016. I will NEVER go back. The views were awesome and food was amazing. BUTTTTT, the sheer fact that our room was broke into once and the safe was opened. I had not liked the way the safe looked and decided to put 10 one dollar bills in it to see what would happen and kept the rest of the money on me. Then, they attempted to get in the room while I was in the shower and my wife was in the Jacuzzi. We knew they tried to get in the room since the security latch had been moved. I folded it flat when we came in the room after the safe incident. The manager Gabriel tried to cover it all up and say it was a maid trying to bring us chocolates which we never got. Your safety is at risk if you go stay here. Me and my wife will never be back. It appears to me that it is run by Cartels and they still possibly small amounts of money from rooms. Many people go to the pools and beach and drink all day and have no clue if a few bucks are missing. They just think maybe I spent to much. DONT GO HERE unless you plan on staying in your room or watching your valuables the entire time. And don't forget if they get your passport you CANT leave. We kept ours on us the entire time.

AUSTINITE WOULD NOT STAY at Hacienda del Mar Resort again.

AUSTINITE owns a timeshare at another resort and EXCHANGED INTO a room at Hacienda del Mar Resort.

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Hacienda del Mar Resort is also known as:

  • Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Club Hotel
  • Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Resort
  • Hacienda Del Mar Cabo San Lucas
  • Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Club Hotel Cabo San Lucas
  • Hacienda Del Mar
  • Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Hotel
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