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Florida Vacation Villas

Kissimmee, FL 34746 PHONE: 1.855.692.8991 Map it / View Street Address
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Reviews: Florida Vacation Villas

twistedtexan Emerald Level member since
December 2016


Visited property: December 2016

What Liked Most About Florida Vacation Villas

Proximity to attractions

Room Comments by twistedtexan

Timeshare/condo was outdated, cheaply furnished and overall extremely disappointing. The photos on the web must be of another condo/timeshare in some far away land. Bath towels, which happened to be as thin as a newspaper, were only furnished one day (mid week) so for the entire week, you had only one change unless you visited the laundry mat at your dispense. Beds were hard and obviously cheap, as were the 80's style comforters on them. They had bodily fluid stains on the one in the master bed; I am lucky to have taken the scrawny blanket from the airline so at least I didn't freeze (too bad they didn't have towels on the plane). The bathrooms were outdated and sparsely accommodating. If you weren't the first to take a shower each day, you got a cold shower; not even warm aa the hot water heater doesn't hold more than 10 gallons, I suppose? The condo had a distinct smell of something I couldn't put my finger on, but my husband did. You see, he did extermination for many years and said that the smell was very similar to the homes he sprayed for roaches. I did not see any live insects while we were there, but you can rest assured that if I had, we wouldn't have stayed one night. The floors/sub floors were so thin that we got a knock on the door from the rental below, asking us to keep it down; really? There were 4 of us in the unit and we did nothing out of the ordinary of walking across the floors from room to room. Apparently, he said it sounded like a herd of wild elephants. Word to the wise; don't stay here unless you are over the age of 90 and only shuffle across the floor, so that you don't disturb the neighbors below. Those poor people probably paid the same amount we did and feel as ripped off as we did. The pools were small and couldn't have held more than 10 people comfortably and don't get me started on the 6 ft by 6 ft basketball court outside of our room. Overall, for the cost of the timeshare as bought, the yearly maintenance fee and the weekly charge, I totally feel ripped off. I've had this timeshare for 8 years and this was the first time using the program. I'd have much rather stayed at a Holiday Inn Express or something similar; at least we'd of had clean towels every day.

Review of Florida Vacation Villas by twistedtexan

If I can say one GOOD thing about the 'resort', it's that the front desk clerk was extremely helpful and friendly. It's all downhill from there. Accommodations were limited and not at all what was advertised. Overall, the unit was very disappointing. I would not recommend staying here and going forward, I may be a little gun shy with booking anything that's not affiliated with the big box names (Hyatt, Windham, Marriott, SHeraton, etc)

twistedtexan WOULD NOT STAY at Florida Vacation Villas again.

twistedtexan owns a timeshare at another resort and EXCHANGED INTO a room at Florida Vacation Villas.

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