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Club la Costa at Marina del Sol

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Featured Review: Club la Costa at Marina del Sol

by Beverly Mumma, Lusby, MD 
First printed in May/Jun 2011

All three resorts are available through RCI. We would also like to recommend (yes, that's their name!) that have treated us well for years, and with lower prices than other on-ine sites. Also the United Plus program is excellent, costing a little more than standard Economy, but you get 5 inches more room, personal TV, wine with meals, and other Business Class privileges.

Then is also recommended. It is a broker, and they find the car rental company that takes their prices. We got a small 4-door Opel Corsa for less than $100 per week. They also cover the insurance, so you don't have to hassle with that, and when we returned the car we didn't even need to submit the car for inspection. We parked, tossed him the keys, and headed for Departures. It was wonderful.

If you have thought of visiting Europe but held off for fear of language problems or different currency, the Costa del Sol of Spain is a perfect starter trip. Timeshares are abundant, everybody speaks English, and if you hold out some bills and a handful of change, they pick out the right amount. Even on buses. This year as usual, we stayed in the area near Malaga, one of our favorite destinations.

They had had the coldest winter in history, and the run-off from the mountains had filled the coastal needs for water for years to come. When exploring the ruins of castles and fortresses, we can see the cisterns to store the precious commodity, and every few miles are the remains of Roman or Moorish aqueducts, testifying to the struggle they went to in order to have fresh water on the coast. Some of these aqueducts are hundred feet high on graceful arches, so well engineered that they have stood for 2000 years. Week 1: Fuengirola/Mijas Costa - San Diego Suites. There are many great day tours in this area, but in years past we have done most of them. We've visited Grenada and the Alhambra, the ancient town of Ronda with its stone bridge so high that you start praying that it holds up until you get across; we've taken the ferry to Morocco and explored the souks, so the main one left is Gibraltar with its caves and monkeys. We decided to leave it until next year.

The resort is a huge complex of about 10 resorts, all owned by Club la Costa, our favorite timeshare company. There were 20 pools, 5 pool bars, 5 restaurants, and a little train that circled the place every half hour.

Like all the towns on the coast, the resort was laid out like an "urbanization." The land is so steep that living areas are laid out in clusters, each with its housing, restaurants, shops, bars, and always a little park in the middle. The clusters are separated by sharp ridges that even the Spanish consider unbuildable. Between the slopes are little creeks that turn into torrents in rainy periods.

The good news is that every living unit, even miles from the beach, has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean. The bad news is that you'd better be good at driving up a 60 degree slope on a street so narrow that you drive on the sidewalk when you meet a car coming the other way. But that's in town, and the resort complex is several miles out of town, with broader, less hair-raising streets. Our unit was very Spanish - dark woods, archway doors, tile floor. But there was no place to put our underwear! They use lovely polished chests with decorative metal hasps and a lamp on top, not chests of drawers. Also European travel spots have gone for appliances that use icons, so that your language doesn't matter. Fine, but their icons didn't speak to me. The stainless steel fridge, and granite countertop with flat top stove was elegant, but I had to call the reception desk to learn the three icons to push in order to turn on a burner. The washer wasn't so easy. I washed one load three times before I cornered a housekeeper to show me how to start the dryer cycle.

As usual we ate in the condo two meals a day and went to a restaurant for the third, and we noticed one sign that Spain is financially strapped. Restaurants used to provide an after dinner drink (on the house) something like peach schnapps or port over ice. Now they give you Mora. This is best described as a thin ice cream sauce, and it comes in all kinds of fruit flavors. In a brandy snifter with ice cubes it is delicious - you don't even miss the Schnapps. We found it in a grocery store, at just over a dollar for a liter. So I brought home a bottle of blackberry.

Spanish grocery stores are interesting. Although larger towns have a U.S. type super-market, the Spanish way is for a small grocery on every block. They are about the size of a living room, and almost half of each one is given over to wine and alcoholic drinks. People count on them for last minute necessities, but for fruits and vegetables, you go to the town's weekly market. This is a huge affair with stalls in all directions, selling produce, clothes, shoes, CD's, crafts, embroidered tablecloths, toys, jewelry, spices, whatever you can think of. It takes several hours to wander through one, but you can come home with Christmas all taken care of. Evenings after a heavy day of walking, we tend to watch TV. European television is so much better than in the U.S., even though there aren't many English-speaking channels.

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Came in late in the evening and was assigned a unit in a section of the resort other than the one we had booked. The unit was quite far from the Office. [more]

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