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Canada House Beach Club

Pompano Beach, FL 33062 PHONE: (954) 942-8200 Map it / View Street Address
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Manager Tips: Canada House Beach Club

Thank you for visiting Canada House Beach Club. If you have visited Canada House Beach Club before, welcome home! If you are thinking of visiting our resort, we look forward to hosting you! Let us tell you about our resort...

Canada House Beach Club General Overview

Canada House is a very small, cozy resort near the beach that is "off the beaten path". There is lots to do around here - or lots of opportunity to do nothing at all!

Canada House Beach Club Location

We are about 18 miles from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, at the far end of a long strip of hotels and timeshares. Our area is more like a neighborhood than anything else. There is a mini-mart about 1/2 mile north of us, and our Publix grocery store is just over 1-1/2 miles away, on Atlantic Blvd west of the Intracoastal (i.e.: over the bridge).

Canada House Beach Club Renovations and Enhancements

In the first part of 2013, we replaced all the sofa and chair cushions. We also replaced the sofa bed mechanisms and mattresses, as well as all of the beds in the bedrooms of the one- and two-bedroom units. We are in the process of tiling all of our units (one each week). We anticipate finishing that project in mid- to late-2014, and would like guests to be aware that tiling is a noisy process.

In weeks 33-39 of 2013 we will be getting a whole new elevator in the East building, which will require our elevator to be completely out of service during that time.

About the Pool at Canada House Beach Club

We have two pools (one East, one West) and two spas (one East, one West). Both pools are outdoor pools, and the heaters are turned on during cooler/colder weather. We do not have a separate children's pool.

Pool hours are dawn to dusk year-round.

Guests are welcome to bring food & beverage to the pool area, but glass containers of any kind are not allowed. Persuant to Florida Department of Health regulations, eating, drinking, and smoking are not allowed in the pool or within 4 feet of the pool's edge.

Pool towels are provided and may be traded in during the day in the Linen Exchange.

Lounge chairs are usually easy to come by, as we do not allow guests to save them when they are not in the pool area.

We do not have scheduled activities at the pool, nor do we play music. Guests may play music, as long as it is not disturbing to other guests (or the office). Depending on the type of crowd we have in-house, sometimes the pool is very boisterous (Marco! Polo!) and sometimes it's very quiet. Guests at the pool are requested not to disturb guests who are in their rooms.

Exercise & Fitness at Canada House Beach Club

We do not have exercise equipment on-site. We do have a few exercise DVD's that can be checked out as part of a DVD subscription ($5 unlimited per week).

There are a few gyms nearby that offer discount to our guests.

Canada House Beach Club Onsite Activities & Recreation

We have a few activities on-site for minimal cost (henna tattoos, manicures & pedicures, massage). These services are provided by outside contractors who negotiate prices directly with guests, and they take cash only.

On the West side, we have a sun deck that allows guests to continue to sunbathe long after the sun has set low enough to be blocked by the buildings at the pools.

Eating, Drinking & Entertainment at Canada House Beach Club

Local drinking water is good. Guests who prefer filtered water can fill their bottles at the filtered water station on either side of the street.

We do not have a restaurant on-site. There are a few small restaurants within walking distance, and several restaurants deliver to us.

We have four BBQ grills (two gas, two charcoal) on the East side, and two (1 gas, 1 charcoal) on the West side.

We do not have live entertainment.

Canada House Beach Club Unit Amenities: Comfort, Connectivity & Conveniences

Most East side units have central heat/air, and most West side units have individual heat/air. Digital thermostats have been installed in some units. Guests can control the temperature to an extent.

Safes are not currently provided.

Room phones can be used to dial local and "toll-free" numbers for no charge. Long-distance calls require a calling card.

All units have an iron and ironing board.

WiFi is available throughout the property.

All units have 32-inch flat screen TV's with DirecTV. We do not have any premium channels or on-demand. Game units are not available but TV's do have connections if guests have their own game units.

Every unit has a DVD player and clock radio in the living room.

Canada House Beach Club Unit Amenities: Kitchen

Full kitchens have a full-size top-freezer refrigerator, a stove/oven, and dishwasher.

Mini kitchens have a less-than full-size (not apartment size) refrigerator (plenty of room for a gallon of milk in the fridge, and a gallon of ice cream in the freezer). (The trade-off for all this wonderful fridge space is that in some rooms, the fridge is in sort of a weird location.) Mini kitchens also have a small dishwasher, and a two burner stove (no oven).

All kitchens have a toaster oven, coffee maker, blender, and microwave. Mixers can be checked out upon request.

We do not provide coffee, but we do provide coffee filters. If there aren't enough in the unit, more are available at the Front Desk.

Each unit has service for the number of people it sleeps.

A small amount of dishwashing detergent (powder and liquid) and one roll of paper towels are provided at check-in. Additional can be purchased at the Front Desk. All rooms have a broom/dustpan and a few trash bags. Additional trash bags can be obtained at the Front Desk for no charge.

Basic cookware is provided in the units, and additional items that are not stocked in all rooms is available for check-out upon request.

Canada House Beach Club Unit Amenities: Laundry

The East side laundry room is used by the staff during the day, and is available for guest use in the evening. The West side laundry is available to guests at all times.

Washers are 75¢ and dryers are 25¢ per 10 minutes. Single-use packages of Tide and Bounce are available for purchase at the Front Desk.

Laundry baskets are part of unit inventory.

Canada House Beach Club Unit Amenities: Master Bedroom

All units have a sofa bed and a Murphy bed or two sofa beds in the living room (both in the same room together). One- and two-bedroom units have a king bed in the bedroom(s) (except 1 west side 1BR that has a queen).

No bedspreads. Comforters with a "throw" for decoration.

Murphy beds have two pillows. There are two pillows in the closet for each sofa bed. Beds in bedrooms have four pillows.
Pillows on beds are "thick", while pillows in closets are "flat".
Extra pillows and blankets are available upon request.

Efficiency units have 1 alarm clock, 1 TV, and 1 DVD player. One-bedroom units have two of each. Two bedroom units have three of each. Some alarm clocks have a cable to connect iPod or MP3 player.

Wakeup calls are available by calling the Front Desk.

Canada House Beach Club Unit Amenities: Bathroom(s)

We have bar soap in the shower and bathroom sink. Additional soap can be obtained at the Front Desk for no charge.

All rooms have tub/showers.

Units that sleep 4 have 1 hair dryer. Units that sleep 6 have 2, and units that sleep 8 have 3.

Some units have a dressing area in the bathroom. A few units have dressing tables with chairs.

Canada House Beach Club Unit Amenities: Outdoor Enjoyment

Some of our units have balconies or patios, which have two chairs and a table. Units that do not have balconies or patios may not have chairs outside the rooms due to the fire code. Also, two units that do have patios may not have chairs due to the fire code.

Canada House Beach Club Unit Amenities: Housekeeping

Housekeeping is provided at check-out. For guests staying multiple weeks, stayover service is provided on Friday (default) or Sunday (upon request). Additional housekeeping is available for a fee, which ranges from $10-$35 depending on the size of the unit and the services requested. A complete list of available services is in our Guest Information Book.

Trash left outside rooms before 11 AM will be picked up. Trash bins are located on every floor.

Towels are exchanged door-to-door on Mondays and Thursdays. The "Service Please" sign must be left in the door and towels must be in the laundry basket just inside the door, if the guest is not in the room. Towels and sheets can be exchanged during the day throughout the week at the Linen Exchange (near the Front Desk) for no charge.

Canada House Beach Club Amenities: Technology & Staying Connected

We have wireless internet throughout the property. The first pass is free and works for one device (it is not transferrable from one device to another). Access for additional devices, as well as higher speeds, is available by credit card purchase online. All guests pay the same amount for additional wireless passes.

AT&T & Verizon are known to work well throughout the resort. Sprint is known to work well throughout the resort with the occasional exception of the Clubhouse, where Sprint can be spotty.

Languages Spoken at Canada House Beach Club

Only English is spoken by all the Front Desk staff. We have two staff members in other departments whose first language is Spanish. They are sometimes available for interpretation.

Canada House Beach Club Resort Amenities: Guest Services & Conveniences

Our Front Desk is available 24-hours a day. During the evening and overnight shifts, they do walk the property from time to time, but they carry a cordless phone that can be dialled from the room, or from the phone on the wall outside the front gate.

We have luggage carts and grocery carts at both buildings. There is an ice machine in each building. Soda machines are located in both buildings, and there is a snack machine by the Front Desk.

We do not have a gift shop, but we do sell postcards, coffee mugs, and beach towels with our logo on them.

Newspaper machines for the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel and the USA Today are located on both sides of the street.

Canada House Beach Club Amenities: Parking & Transportation Services

Parking is free, and is limited to one space per unit. We do not have truck, RV, or board parking. We do not offer any shuttle service. We will be happy to arrange an airport shuttle for you, but we do highly recommend a car to fully enjoy the area.

Canada House Beach Club Policies and Special Requests

Guests may begin check-in paperwork as early as 12:00 on their assigned check-in day. If the unit is available at that time, they will be given keys. If the unit is not available, we will take a cell number and call as soon as it is ready. Guests are advised to contact us in advance to let us know if they will be in early, and we will do our best to accommodate early arrivals. Unit assignments may be changed (same type and location) to accommodate early arrivals. No room is guaranteed to be ready prior to 4 PM.

Guests must be 21 to check in, and must have a valid government-issued ID and a credit card or cash deposit. We accept MC/VS, AX, DS, and cash. We do not accept checks. We accept traveller's checks for payment of incidentals, but not for security deposit.

Check-out is 11 AM. Late check-outs are sometimes able to be granted (no later than 12 PM), and must be requested at the Front Desk by noon the day before check-out.

Our units are fixed and deeded, so the exchange companies assign the units. Upgrades are sometimes available for a fee.

Pack-n-plays are available on a limited basis for $10/week. We highly recommend requesting them in advance. Rollaways are also available on a limited basis and MUST be requested in advance.

Many kitchen items that aren't stocked in our units are available for check-out on a limited basis for no charge. A list of these items is in our Guest Information Book.

Accessibility at Canada House Beach Club

There are a few steps around the resort, but in most cases there is an alternate route with a ramp. There is a step up to get into every room (hurricane country, you know). A temporary ramp can be placed in front of units with higher steps upon request. We have five handicap-friendly units with wider doors, wheelchair access in bathrooms, etc. These units may be requested but cannot be guaranteed, since we are a deeded resort. (I.e.: If an owner is scheduled to come in to the unit, we cannot move the owner.) Guests who require a handicap-friendly unit are advised to check with us before confirming reservations, to ensure that the unit they need is available. All studio/effiency units that are handicap-friendly are on the West side of the street. We do not have any units with roll-in showers, but we do have a transfer bench available for check-out at no charge.

Both buildings have elevators, but the East elevator will be out of commission for weeks 33-39 in 2013 for renovation.

Smoking at Canada House Beach Club

We do not have any smoking rooms. Guests may smoke outside, either on the catwalk or on the balcony. We recommend that guests smoke on the catwalk, because smoking on the balcony tends to annoy other guests in surrounding rooms. We ask that our guests who smoke defer to those who don't smoke.

Pet Policy at Canada House Beach Club

Pets are not allowed in the units. We do have an office cat, named Batty. He is not allowed in the lobby, but guests often visit him in "his" chair at the Front Desk.

Stray cats in the area are TNRd. This program is paid for by staff and through donations from guests.

Going Green, Social Responsibility & Giving Back

We have recycling bins on every floor for mixed recyclables. We also have smaller bins available for check-out upon request for guests to keep in their rooms.

We have a blood drive on-site every eight weeks, and we offer incentives to employees who choose to donate.

Old bedding is donated to a women's shelter. Old towels are used for rags or donated to a local cat rescue. Old furniture and room decor is sold at very low prices to staff members, many of whom send them to family & friends in Haiti.

Awards and Recognition

Canada House has been the recipient of the RCI Silver Crown Award for the last eight years since the Silver Crown Award came into being. Prior to that, we were a Resort of International Distinction (this award was later renamed Silver Crown Award) for one year, and before that we received the Hospitality Award.

Our Board President was also a finalist for ARDA's Board Member of the Year at the 2013 Global Convention.

We are not yet aware of an award for in-room Guest Information Book, but if there were, we are sure we would win it! We receive numerous compliments on our book, usually including the phrase "best I've ever seen!"

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ok place

beach is deep for small kids so families beware. Charged me 75 dollars extra for cleaning without even telling me. [more]

location good, but rates were horrible. Not worth over $500.00 per week. Because we decided to upgrade to ocean front we had to pay over $100.00 more. Very disappointed in what you had to offer us.

The pull down bed was OK, but thank God I decided to bring my expense blow up mattress to sleep on for 7 days. [more]

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