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Uruguay Timeshare Resorts

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Uruguay Overview 

Uruguay Is an excellent choice for a timeshare vacation. The country is located in the southeastern part of South America. There are many different things to enjoy in Uruguay including hiking, shopping, golf, horseback riding and museums. 

When to go to Uruguay 

Uruguay has a climate that is relatively mild.Summer time is from December - February while July - September are the coldest months of the year.Uruguay temperatures are mid-winter in month of July varies from 48°F to 54 °F. The midsummer month of January varies from a warm average of 72 °F to 79 °F. The best time to visit Uruguay is December through February. 

Where are the main cities in Uruguay? 

Some of the main cities in Uruguay include Montevideo, Salto, Ciudad de la Costa, Paysandú, Las Piedras, and Rivera. 

What is there to do and see in Uruguay? 

Hike over sand dunes to see the lighthouse and marine life at Cabo Polonio on the Atlantic coast. Join the excitement of dancing and drumming in the streets every February during Montevideo's spectacular Afro-Uruguayan Carnival. Explore the rich variety of bird life at one of eastern Uruguay's coastal lagoons, including Laguna de Rocha near La Paloma, Laguna de Castillos near Barra de Valizas, and Laguna Negra near Punta del Diablo.

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