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Jamaica Timeshare Resorts

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Jamaica Overview 

Jamaica Is an excellent option for a timeshare vacation. It is located in the Caribbean Sea There are many different things to enjoy in Jamaica including Peat Taylor Tours, Chukka Caribbean Adventures, Emancipation Park, Doctor's Cave Beach, and White Witch Golf Club. 

When to go to Jamaica 

Jamaica has a tropical climate with temperatures remaining fairly constant throughout the year. Temperatures average 77 to 86 °F in the lowlands and 59 to 71.6 °F at the higher elevations. The best time to visit Jamaica is in the winter months because it gets very warm in the summer. 

What are the Main Cities in Jamaica? 

The largest cities located within Jamaica including Kingston, Montego Bay, Above Rocks, Albert Town, and Alexandria. 

What is there to do and see in Jamaica? 

Jamaica has a wonderful natural beauty all its own. This country offers amazing beaches as well as an interesting variety of nature tours and spas. Reach Falls is one of the most popular attractions in Jamaica. The YS falls are also a popular attraction. It is a beautiful series of waterfalls just off the Black River. Another great attraction in Jamaica is are the Blue mountains. Seven Mile Beach was once haunted by Pirates along this stretch of golden beach. The Appleton Rum tour lets you explore how Jamaican rum is made from scratch.

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