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Italy Timeshare Resorts

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Italy Overview 

Italy Is an excellent choice for a timeshare vacation. Italy is located in southern Europe. There are many different things to enjoy in Italy including Saint Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco), Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), Grand Canal, Colosseum (Colosseo), and Ancient Pompeii. 

When to go to Italy 

The climate of Italy is diverse and ranges from humid subtropical to humid continental to oceanic. Italy’s temperatures are varying depending on where you are on the peninsula.The best time to go to Italy is in the spring and the fall when the weather is mild. 

What are the main cities in Italy? 

The largest cities in Italy include Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, and Palermo. 

What is there to do and see in Italy? 

Italy is a great place to relax on the beach, see historical sites, and tour magnificent churches. Le Comus Romane di Palazzo Valentini Museum is full of interesting icons and displays that cannot be missed. San Giovanni in Laterano is known to be the first church in Christendom. The church belongs to the Vatican. The coliseum is a place where you can see the ancient architecture of Rome when the gladiators battled for their lives. The Church of San Luigi dei Francesi is where The artist Caravaggio was commissioned to paint for the church. One if its chapels houses in three scenes, the life of St. Matthew.

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