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Ecuador Timeshare Resorts

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Ecuador Overview 

Ecuador Is an excellent choice for a timeshare vacation. The country is located in northwest south America north of Peru There are many different things to enjoy in Ecuador including hiking, biking, backpacking, swimming, golf and shopping. 

When to go to Ecuador 

Ecuador has a tropical and mountainous climate with temperatures are very different depending on your elevation. The best time to go to Ecuador is in the spring time. 

What are the main cities in Ecuador? 

The major cities of Ecuador are as follows: Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca, Santo Domingo, and Machala. 

What is there to do and see in Ecuador? 

Ecuador is a beautiful country with a lot to offer anyone who visits. There are a variety of things to do and see in Ecuador. One of these is the Company of Jesus Church in Quito. This church is made in the baroque architectural style. Many people have gone here and have been awestruck by its beauty. The Casa del Alabado Museum of Pre-Columbian Art displays pieces of pre Columbian art that is a must see. The Basilica is also a wonderful place to go. It is the largest Church in Quito and is a great feat of architecture. It has wonderful stained glass windows and hand forged bronze doors. The sheer massiveness of this structure is astounding.

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