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Costa Rica Timeshare Resorts

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Costa Rica Overview 

Costa Rica Is an excellent choice for a timeshare vacation. There are many different things to enjoy in Costa Rica including the Arenal Volcano, white water rafting, Tortuguero, Tamarindo Beach and Corcovado National Park. 

When to go to Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is located on the equator, so the temperature is pretty stable. Anytime is a good time to visit but springtime is the best because the humidity tends to be lower.Temperatures are warm throughout the year though typically they are mildy cooler in December and January. The average annual temperature is 81 °F in the lowlands and(50 °F on the summits of the mountains. 

What are the main cities in Costa Rica? 

Major cities in Costa Rica include Aguacaliente, Alajuela, Alajuelita, Aserri, and Barranca  

What is there to do and see in Costa Rica? 

Costa Rica is a beautiful country full of beaches, natural wonders and excellent shopping. Check out the Arenal Volcano Park on horseback on with Alberto’s Horses Tours. Explore the Rio Celeste and the La Fortuna Waterfall. The National Theater in San Jose that performs shows, operas, and concerts to suit any taste. Bungie jumping in the Tropical Bungie in Ssan Jose can give you a serious adrenaline rush. For the ultimate hiking experience explore the Oriso River Valley.

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