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China Timeshare Resorts

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China Overview 

China is an excellent choice for a timeshare vacation. It is located in the southeastern corner of Asia and is north of India. There are many different things to experience in China including hiking, horseback riding, cycling, rock climbing, giant pandas, and Tai Chi & Chinese meridian massage. 

When to go to China 

China has a varied climate so no matter where you go you will find something to do any time of the year. Spring is a prime time as most activities are available. From high mountains to sandy beaches, the temperature depends upon the topography and weather patterns. The farther north , the more cold the environment will become. 

What are the main cities in China? 

China has some amazing cities because it is the most populous country in the world including Shanghai, Bejing, Xianggang, and Tianjin. 

What is there to do and see in China? 

China is the world’s most populous country. There are thousands of things to do because there is so many people. The nation shares a rich history. The Great Wall at Mutianyu an icon of the country and is a marvelous feat of ancient engineering and architecture. This wall is a must see for anyone who wishes to experience one of china’s most important heritage sites. The Bejing Bullet Train is also a wonderful way to travel from place to place. The train reaches hundreds of miles an hour and serves many of the major cities.

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