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Daytona Seabreeze

Daytona Seabreeze

Daytona Beach Shores, FL

The resort was gorgeous! The room was fantastic, the kitchen was a little tight for making meals for 6 people but it worked, and we didn't go to the beach to hang out in the
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Fantastic Holiday Experience

We had a lovely week's stay in this exceptionally well kept and beautiful resort in The Berkshires. [more]

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Learning more than just History

Everyone is very knowledgeable of even the most minute thing. From local roads to local happenings so we can enjoy not just the touristy stuff. [more]

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My husband and I stay at this resort almost every year for our anniversary. The rooms are clean and comfortable. [more]

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from the time we entered the establishment we where greeted with undivided attention and everything was entirely explained and all the features and surrounding attraction was [more]

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If your going to Disney make Vacation Village Resorts YOUR FIRST STOP. IF your just going on a getaway to relax & enjoy MAKE VACATION VILLAGE RESORTS YOUR FIRST STOP [more]

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Vacation Resorts

Get to rest this week and just is a very nice place to stay .This place is in a beautiful area and rest ! Many places to go and enjoy . [more]

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Very clean and very good staff

The resort was very clean and in a good location. A little hard to get around if handicapped. [more]

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